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If you start an affiliate business online and you wish to succeed in your chosen market, you must first remember that you are not just starting a business online, you are building a business online.Also, if you are building a business, it is a good idea to focus on one thing at a time. If you are building a business correctly, you are planning for success.And you can be sure that if you plan your business correctly and build your business correctly, success is just about guaranteed; online at least.And, as you do, you will have to go through at least four stages.Stage One – Planning And Building Your WebsiteAssuming that you have chosen to promote a product that is in demand, this is probably the most crucial stage in your affiliate business development.After all, you are building a website that offers content of interest to your target market and that information will be designed to attract visitors, build a contact list and get potential customers.

So you have to know your market, know what they want and what they don’t want or will ignore. You have to plan your site around that knowledge.How much content depends on you. The standard is about 30 pages. Whether or not you do more depends on you, how much you know about the theme or main idea of your site and how well you know your target market.Also, you site has to be constructed with opt – in forms or an opt – in process that invites visitors to join your mailing list.Stage Two – Building Your TrafficEveryone knows that traffic or site visitors is the “life blood” of your online business. After all, with traffic you can attract customers,build your contact list, rise in search engine rankings and sell your product.Without it, you can’t do anything. After all, every business needs customers.How you get that traffic depends on you, what work you put in to get traffic and, of course, your personal budget.I always recommend that you start with free traffic, with the search engines, and other free resources, and then graduate to low cost traffic methods and sites and then spend more money on traffic as the need arises.However, you may be surprised to learn that if you master the free traffic methods and spend time developing your site with them, you’ll get a decent amount of what we call “targeted traffic”. That is people who are really interested in your product or service and not just “browsing the web”.Stage Three – The Site Promotion StagePromoting your website is what you will be doing in some way, as long as you are doing business online. The traffic and everything that you wish to accomplish when it comes to making money online will depend on how well and how much you promote your website.After all, every business needs to advertise, online or offline. A great product is not good if no one knows you have it but you, and a great site is not good if no one knows about it but you!

So, once your site is ready, promote, promote, promote. Submit your site to search engines, submit articles to ezines, start an affiliate program, become part of joint ventures with other business like yours…..whatever it takes promote your site consistently and patiently.Stage Four – The Find – Out – What’s – Best – For – You StageI’m not sure that everyone pays much attention to this stage. But until you find the right promotional methods, keywords and content, it is best to test and test and experiment until you find the right combination and methods that work for you.Once you find out the method that works best for you, stick with and build on it.If you do things right, the money will take care of itself.Ric Brothers Affiliate Business Building

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To be successful online, a large part of your attention will be focused on marketing and advertising your business. And this is your primary concern as an affiliate. As an affiliate, you won’t need to worry about product creation, distribution, payments, returns, credit card processing, etc.. Your primary goal is to drive traffic. Your sole concern is marketing and advertising. And to be successful at this, you need to master as many of these different advertising avenues as possible.Now there’s a growing concern amongst affiliates that they aren’t making as much as they used to, due to savvy shoppers cutting out their affiliate links. To protect your affiliate income from savvy customers and link thieves try these 4 methods.Here are 4 Methods to Increase Your Affiliate Income:

1) MASK YOUR LINKSMany savvy customers know that they simply have to remove your affiliate link, and maybe change it to their own to get credit for the commission. Whatever they do to change it, you’ve just now lost your affiliate commission. So mask your links with a re-direct or use of a javascript/php link.2) CHECK YOUR LINKS REGULARLYCheck your links periodically to ensure that they are working correctly. There are times, for instance, when sites go down due to server problems or other unexplainable reasons. If your links are non-functional, you may be letting profits slip by.Additionally, stepping into the shoes of your customers, when you visit links that are dead, it often puts your business in a negative light. So make sure your links are valid and are up and running correctly. You can always check Google for software or online programs that will help validate to check the links on your site. Simply search for “link validator” or “link checker” on Google.3) CHECK YOUR AFFILIATE PROGRAMS REGULARYChange occurs rapidly online. Programs come and go. To ensure that the affiliate program is still running, and that your affiliate links are still valid, make sure you check-in every once in a while to ensure that your chosen affiliate program and associated links are still operational. Remove any dead links when you find them right away.4) GET YOUR OWN WEBSITEThere are numerous advantages when promoting your own site with your affiliate program on it, versus promoting just the affiliate link itself. For one, you can control everything on your site. For instance, you can capture email addresses on your site or promote other affiliate programs if you so chose. You’re building an asset by getting links and traffic coming to your site. Plus, if you need to make changes or cloak links you can do this very easily by having your own site. Plus, your own site will allow you to present a professional URL to the online community instead of a complicated affiliate URL.

You can easily market your small business online as an affiliate. By masking your links, checking your links and affiliate programs regularly, and getting your own site, you can dramatically increase your online income starting today. Gook Luck!